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2006 International Paystar Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2006_International_Paystar_MTM_10.5_YD_Allison_AUTO1TX2006International PaystarMTM 10.5 YDAllison AUTO$79,000

2005 Sterling Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2005_Sterling_MTM_10.5_Yd_Cat_C91TX2005SterlingMTM 10.5 YdCat C9Eaton 9LL$65,000 ea

2005 International Paystar Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2005_International_Paystar_MTM_10.0_Yd_Allison_AUTO1TX2005International PaystarMTM 10.0 YdAllison AUTO$65,000

2004 MACK DM690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2004_MACK_DM690_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM7_3001TX2004MACK DM690MTM 10.5 YdEM7 300$55,000

2004 MACK GRANITE CV-713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2004_Mack_CV-713_CMBW_10.5_YD_E7_3002TX2004Mack CV-713CMBW 10.5 YDE7 300$62,000 ea

2002 MACK RD690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2002_MACK_RD690S_MTM_10.5_YD_EM7_Engine1TX2002MACK RD690SMTM 10.5 YDEM7 EngineSandblasted & Painted$47,000

2001 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2001_MACK_DM690_SP_MTM_10.5_EM_72TX2001MACK DM690 SPMTM 10.5EM 7Sandblasted & Painted$39,500 ea

2001 MACK RD690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2001_MACK_RD690S_MTM_10.0_Yd_300HP1TX2001MACK RD690SMTM 10.0 Yd300HPAllison Automatic$42,500

2000 & 1999 Peterbilt Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2000_357_Cum_Auto_Trans2TX2000357CumAuto TransCBMW40,000

1999 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1999_Mack_DM690_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM75TX1999Mack DM690MTM 10.5 YdEM7T2080 Trans$34,500 ea

1999 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck S&P

View More InformationTX_1999_MACK_DM690_SP_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM72TX1999MACK DM690 SPMTM 10.5 YdEM7Sandblasted & Painted$39,500 ea

1999 International 5000 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1999_International_5000_MTM_10.5_YD_CUM_9LL1TX1999International 5000MTM 10.5 YDCUM 9LL$35,000

1998 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1998_MACK_DM690S_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM72TX1998MACK DM690SMTM 10.5 YdEM7As Is$33,500 ea

1997 International Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1997_INTL_MTM_10.5_CUM_9LL4TX1997INTLMTM 10.5CUM 9LLHendrickson$29,500 ea

2016 Peterbilt Concrete Mixer Trucks NEW

View More InformationTX_2016_567_MTM_10.5_Yd_PX9-38010TX2016567MTM 10.5 YdPX9-380Allison Auto$157,900ea

1999 International Paystar 5000 with Booster

View More InformationTX_1999_IH_Paystar_5000_MTM_10.5_Yd_CUM_ISM1TX1999IH Paystar 5000MTM 10.5 YdCUM ISMEaton$31,000

2015 Refurbished Fastway Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX_2015_Fastway_4_Bins_1TX2015Fastway4 Bins75,000

NEW 60 Ton Silo With Auger

View More InformationTX_2015_60T_Silo__1TX201560T Silo30,000

Concrete Cooling Conveyor

View More InformationCO_2014_Cool_Belt_250_CU_YD_HR_5CO2014Cool Belt250 CU YD HR

2013 Troxell Cement Pigs Available for Rental, 4000 cuft (24 ea)

View More InformationAR_2013_Pig_Rentals_4000_cuft_24AR2013Pig Rentals4000 cuft

1996 Samsung SL-180-2 Front End Loader - 3 Yard

View More InformationAR_1996_Samsung__1AR1996Samsung

Case 621D with 3 Yard bucket S/N JEE0135288

View More InformationTX__621D_Erops_w_A_C_1TX621DErops w/A/C

NEW 2015 4 Cubic Yd Concrete Mixer Trailer

View More InformationCO_2015_Peak__CO2015Peak

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